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Construction of Hybrid-OR at University hospital of Düsseldorf

TRANSUMED has signed a contract as general contractor with the University Hospital of Düsseldorf for the turnkey planning, construction and equipping of a highly modern hybrid operating room with adjoining rooms.

The hybrid operating room will be build in modular construction technology adjoining to an existing building in order to expand the existing surgical department.

The launch of the project was the end of June 2015, completion is scheduled for June 2016th




Palace at the German Theatre, Berlin Mitte

The grounds
The grounds of the real estate property once held the former university refectory of the HU Berlin, which was closed in April 2008. Following closure, the build­ing remained empty and was torn down in March 2011.

The property

A representative residential and commercial building will be built on the premises; it will consist of four building sections, each with its own stair­case. The building sections are clearly structured and will be integrated harmoniously into the high quality architecture of the surrounding area. There is to be an underground car park in the basement with 70 parking spaces. All apartments and office floors can be accessed from the elevator system. The fixtures and fittings in the office rooms and apartments are of the same high quality and good taste.

The office building

On the ground floor, the office building offers sufficient surface area for representative entrances and generously-sized conference rooms with daylight and air conditioning. All office areas have sufficient WC and kitchen facilities as well as storage space and utility space. The surfaces have been taken advantage of in an extremely efficient manner and can be divided up flexibly. Depending on requirements, large offices, individual offices or even a combination of the two are possible. All office rooms have daylight and a cooling system, but it is also possible to ventilate via the windows.

The residential building
The residential units have a mixture of different layouts and sizes. The apartments are mainly located in an east-west direction and offer a wonderful view across Max-Rein­hardt-Platz and the Deutsche Theater. The bathrooms and WCs are of a modern and high quality design and the security concept guarantees the residents’ private sphere and is only one of many elaborate details in the property.

The location
The property is one of the city’s top addresses for living and working in a sophisticated ambience. It is located right at the heart of Berlin’s centre in close proximity to the Reichstag, the Chancellor's Office, parliamentary buildings and ministries. What is more, it is very close to important places of artistic and cultural significance and has many excellent restaurants very nearby. The building is also positioned excellently within the public transport network, with Friedrich­strasse city and underground train station and Berlin’s main station, Hauptbahnhof, only a short distance away. The city’s airports can also be reached fast and directly.

Construction progress

The structural works are completed up to and including the ceiling of the 4th floor. On the 5th floor the boarding and the armoring are currently finalized and at the same time the first concreting steps are in execution along the Reinhardstraße. Meanwhile the awarding of the subsequent works and the building equipment are about 75% finished (end bargained respectively assigned). The first finishing trades are on location and start their works in the building equipment centrals respectively in the façade works on the 1st floor. For each, office use and residential use, first example windows are assembled, the necessary approvals for the production are issued and the timely assembling in the norm floor will start soon.



Federal Scientific-Clinical Centre for Paediatric Haematology, Oncology and Immunology, Moscow, Russia


Turnkey project; planning, construction and installation of medical equipment.

Technical information:

Construction area: 70.000 m²

Construction period: 29 months

Completion: 2011

The planning of Federal scientific-clinical centre for paediatric haematology, oncology and immunology (FNKZ) was started in August 2008. FNKZ faces the following goals: to provide high-quality healthcare to children living in Russia and the CIS as well as to allow for further research activities in the field of oncological diseases in cooperation with European and American specialists. 

The center incorporates in-patient department for 220 beds, including a bone marrow transplant cells unit for 20 boxes, an out-patient clinic for 20 beds, 4 operating theatres and a reanimation department for 12 beds.

The center will also include a polyclinic, functional diagnostics, radio-diagnostic and radiotherapy suites as well as radionuclide diagnostic unit and blood transfusion unit with cryobank. A GMP laboratory for stem cells transplants processing, a cyto- and pharmocogenetic laboratory for molecular oncology and immuno-hematology is also onsite.

These will be supported by a powerful scientific complex with a training center and hotel for 150 rooms intended for nonresident out-patients and their relatives.


All Russian Centre for Emergency Medicine and Radiology AM Nikiforow, St. Petersburg, Russia



Turnkey medical equipment of the All-Russian Center for Emergency Medicine and Radiology AM Nikiforov, MCS Russia, St. - Petersburg including delivery and istallation of Transumed sterile modules.

Technical information:

Total area of the hospital: 70.000 m²

Completion: 2010



7 Federal centres of medical high technology in Russia



TRANSUMED, as general planner, had responsibility for the design, approvals and fittings planning for 7 federal centres of medical high technology constructed on a modular basis.
4 cardiology centres located in Pensa, Chabarowsk, Astrachan and Krasnojarsk, 2 accident centres in Krasnodar and Tscheboksary and 1 neurology centre for neurology in Tjumen.
The centres are scheduled for completion in October 2008.

Technical information:

Project size: 132.000 m²

Construction period: 24 months including planning, delivery and assembly

Completion: October 2008



City hospital S.P. Botkina, Moscow

Planning and fitting-out of 5 OT-blocks with overall 24 operation theatre.

Technical information:

Project size: 2 000 m²

Construction period: 6 months

Completion: 2006



Central Military Hospital N.N. Burdenko, Moscow

Planning, delivery and assembly of 28 OT-blocks on five different floors. Amongst others there was high-technique equipment for reanimation, cardio-surgery, anaesthesia and radiology delivered.

Technical information:

Project size: 48 Mio Euro

Construction period: 15 months

Completion: January 2006



Paediatric oncohaematology centre No. 1 in Yekaterinburg


Planning and turn key building of a centre for bonemarrow-transplantations with childrens bed medical unit for 62 children, operation theatre and reanimation as also one-day-clinic and policlinic.

Technical information:

Project size: 8400 m²

Construction period: 19 months

Completion: 2005



Institute for Transplantion, Moscow


Planning and reconstruction, for the pharmacy, central sterilisation facility, surgery department with 7 operating theatres, reanimation, magnetic resonance, angiography, gamma camera and stomatology units including technical and medical euipment.

Technical information:

Project size: 3800 m²

Construction period: 12 months

Completion: 2003



MPS ZKB, Moscow


Planning and construction, including technical materials and medical equipment, for the body of the surgery department incorporating 10 operating theatres, intensive therapy unit, dialysis unit and central sterilisation facility.

Technical information:

Project size: 7500 m²

Construction period: 12 Monate

Completion: June 2001



Wolynskaya Hospital, surgery department, Moscow


Planning and reconstruction, including technical materials and medical equipment, for the surgery department and machinery floor.

Technical information:

Project size: 3600 m²

Construction period: 9 months

Completion: 1999