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7 Federal centres of medical high technology in Russia carrieed out in modular construction

TRANSUMED, as general planner, had responsibility for the design, approvals and fittings planning and delivery / installation of built-in furniture for 7 federal centres of medical high technology constructed on a modular basis.

4 cardiology centres located in Pensa, Chabarowsk, Astrachan and Krasnojarsk, 2 accident centres in Krasnodar and Tscheboksary and 1 neurology centre for neurology in Tjumen.

Technical information:

Project size: 132.000 m┬▓

Construction period: 24 months including planning, delivery and assembly

Completion: October 2008

Module - unit for diagnostic with MRI-examination room

In the year 1996 TRANSUMED carried out the first building in modular construction in Russia for the healthcare sector.

Technical information:

Project size:  207 m2   

Construction time:  1 Woche